An IndieWeb tool to help you pull check-ins from Untappd. The best part is testing…

So what’s the plan here?

The plan is to build out a simple API to syndicate your check-ins on Untappd back to your own website using Micropub. I also plan to pull in Toasts (likes) and Comments using Webmentions.

Here's an example of a post generated by OwnYourBeer.

When can I start using this?

Update! I have an API key!

I’ve got a good start on the API so far. I’m not sure when I plan on releasing it, but it sort of takes your data in now. Need to still work on the parts that compare the live vs. cached data, compare for new checkins and check live checkins against cached checkins for new comments and/or toasts, which, when found, will live on a page that will then be sent as a webmention to your source.